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Do you have a success story, business model, sales model, passion or a know-how you want to turn into a business?
Are you a coach or a consultant?
Do you want to profit from speaking?


Are you an experienced info-marketer who already has a following?


You Have a Place In a Secret Society Called Information Marketing

Do you have a success story?

Do you have a business model that others want to learn?

Do you have a message to share?

Do you have specialized know-how that others want to learn?

Do you want to be paid for sharing that information?

Then you have a place in this world we call information marketing….

This world can be as simple as being a coach or consultant but it can quickly and easily become a multi-faceted, multi-million dollar business.

It has never been easier, quicker, or cheaper to enter into this business. Yet we remain a very small, near secret society. We are more profitable than traditional publishing companies. Seven figure income earners in Info-Marketing “our way” are common – not so for authors, speakers, or coaches taking traditional approaches.

No one has guided more people to more millions through information marketing than our founder and Chairman Emeritus, Dan Kennedy.

Dan has created THE formula for successful info-marketing business and then created the dozens of blueprints to implement this formula specific for your business.

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