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If you’re ready to embark on the most liberating business venture of your life, you’re in the right place. Information Marketing Association Membership affords you access to both foundational and advanced resources designed to encompass everything you need to know to start and grow your very profitable info-marketing business, beyond your wildest dreams.

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The No B.S. INFO-Marketing Letter* and the INFO-Marketing SPECIAL REPORT are written personally by Dan Kennedy, and they ARE the gold standard of the entire industry… Each month, Dan takes you behind the scenes and inside his and his clients’ thriving, explosively growing info-businesses. He is THE leader of this entire industry, at its center, and more new, cutting edge discoveries and opportunities and information flow through his office than anywhere else.

  • Every other month, you get Dan’s No B.S. INFO-Marketing SPECIAL REPORT. Each REPORT is an in-depth presentation on just one aspect of the info-business. This is advanced information. Past REPORTS have delved into a wide range of subjects, from “what info-marketers can learn from cults” to “newsletter business inside secrets” to “lead generation magazine advertising.” These REPORTS vary in length, many times including many exhibits.
  • Every other month, you get The No B.S. INFO-Marketing Letter. That’s jam-packed with “meaty” news, strategies, examples from info-marketing successes, how-to strategies, Dan’s viewpoints and more. Each issue is jammed tight with insider information you can’t get anywhere else–because nobody works up close with as many info-marketers as Dan.

Info-Marketing Best Practices Monthly Teleseminars. These calls expand and enhance recent insights into the info-marketing industry provided by the Dan Kennedy INFO-Marketing SPECIAL REPORTS and the No B.S. INFO-Marketing Letters. Sometimes these calls will feature guests to expand the content; other times there will be additional case studies and examples.

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