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Best-Selling Information Marketing Training
The Ultimate Marketing Machine

“Unlock The Hidden Profits In Your Business In Just 8 Weeks Thanks To GKIC’s Simple System For Dominating Any Market, And NEVER Have To Worry About Getting New Customers, Clients And Patients Again.”

The Ultimate Marketing Machine is a step-by-step, “paint by the numbers” program that will effortlessly guide you through what works for GKIC, Dan Kennedy, and the legion of under-qualified millionaires and multi-millionaires who live lives of wealth, significance, and contribution because of this blueprint. The machine is comprised of two components: list building and conversion. You will create your entire marketing machine to find and drive leads into your business and then to convert those leads into paying customers. This is our most comprehensive system to build your business.  Price $2497

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The Ultimate Information Marketing Machine

“Get Personal Attention as GKIC Takes You By The Hand And Guides You Through Our Blueprint For Creating Top-Selling Info-Products In 8 Weeks.”

Now’s the time to break the “work-money” link and earn automatic income with GKIC’s blueprint for info-marketing success. The Ultimate Information Marketing Machine will give you all the templates, systems and tactics we’ve used to launch blockbuster info-products so you can easily “move” them into your own business or niche. This “done-with-you” program will help you shortcut trial and error and get you to the big money fast with your own product launch we’ll help you create. Everybody has specialized knowledge that people will pay good money for, so let GKIC and Dan Kennedy take you by the hand and show you how to create a high-converting info-product. Price: $2497

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Beginner Information Marketing Training
How to Create Personality in Copy

Create rapid, responsive fans who become customers-for-life through strategically incorporating personality into your copy. Business is about relationships and a key business goal is to create and keep customers for life. Just providing your customers with education and information is not enough. To keep them they must see you as an interesting person and they must want to hear the next installment of your story. Personality in Copy is a class taught by Dan Kennedy that teaches you how to develop a fascinating and unique “character” in order to be famous within your niche or select audience.  Price: $397

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Coaching and Consulting Bootcamp

Whether your goal is to earn $100,000.00 or $1,000,000.00 a year as a coach or consultant, Dan Kennedy lays bare all of his tried and tested techniques for client acquisition, fee maximization, delivery of services, and repeat and referral methods. Dan takes you through all of the possible profit centers, as well as potential pitfalls in numerous different business models.

It is the millionaire maker at his best. For anyone even considering coaching or consulting, this is a MUST. Price: $1997

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Sales and Persuasion Strategies

Learn to land sales with ease when Dan Kennedy lays out his advanced strategies to become more trustworthy and influential. Identify the key components behind selling ANY product or service in a brutally candid, NO B.S. style. Uncover, dissect and modify the 2-way dialogue between buyer and seller to their benefit. Dan will help you spot classic BAD behaviors and mistakes from a seller that perpetuate negative perceptions from the buyer, and help to turn them completely around with proven examples that span across retail to real estate to medicine to politics. It teaches how to establish credibility, demand, higher price points, and conducting sales presentations on your terms. Your value will finally be seen by buyers who will perceive you as an expert authority, highly sought after, therefore commanding the highest prices.  Price: $347

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Powerful Price Positioning

Discover the Jealously-Guarded Secrets of the GKIC Elite Who Regularly Charge 5-10x More For Their Products/Services Than Their Competitors.

 Includes how to make a big price believable, how to make other’s pricing irrelevant, how to command more power in your market place, the secret to using discounts to command higher prices, and the keys to raising your prices. Price: $397

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Advanced Topic Information Marketing Training
Event Hacks

Event Hacks contain the “keys to the kingdom” when it comes to planning, filling, and monetizing a powerhouse event. Here is your golden opportunity to come backstage – months and months before the first speaker steps on stage. Experience a deeper and clearer understanding of the way this business actually works – you’ll be armed with strategies, blueprints and marketing examples for maximizing every single piece of your event pie – no fluff, no filler. The real goods for achieving high ROI from events, whether you’re a newbie or veteran event host. Price: $1497

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Influential Communication and Writing Workshop

Learn the science and skillset to create a high level of rapport, trust, and unquestioned authority through influential writing. This is a re-creation of Dan Kennedy’s powerful and impactful Influential Writing Workshop geared for the serious and advanced student ready to take their writing to a whole new level. Influential writing is the secret to retaining customers for life and Dan not only removes the mystery of writing, he shares his “secret code” on how to write influentially, providing a treasure chest of principles, techniques and strategies.

The relationship with your customers is not only the most vital asset in business, it is the ONLY asset that truly matters. Your communication with your prospects, from e-mails, to newsletters, to teleseminars, to speaking can now contain the secrets learned in this seminar. If you are in business, you’re in the business of influencing. Dan teaches his 31 principles of influential writing, how to use them on purpose and how to incorporate them into every single thing you do.   Price: $2,997

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Moving Money Up the Pyramid

Leave your competitors behind by discovering the “Big 3 Benefits” of focusing the most profitable customers, clients or patients. Stop the insanity of “churn and burn” marketing where you’re constantly chasing the first sale. Get the same customers coming back time and again to gladly give you their money. Dan Kennedy shares his specific sophisticated method for ensuring the RIGHT customers stay with you for the long term. You’ll end up spending less time and making more money when use these strategies to identify and market to the RIGHT people.   Price: $997

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Craftsmanship of One-to-Many Selling Presentations

There is a science to crafting any and every kind of presentation for intended effect. Sales presentations delivered One-To-Many, in person, or through media, are sensitive.

You need not risk guesswork. There are well-tested, well-proven structures and methods that yield top results. And even in instances when One-To-Many selling is accomplished in spontaneous conversation … like through our 4-hour livecasts or panel discussions, there are success factors, or a “3 x 5 Power Card” that is prepared before each presentation. These secrets work even if you’re going to make a presentation to 12 prospects in your office, or a room of 1200, from an event stage, from a webinar or even a tele-seminar.   Price: $1597

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Make Them Buy Now

Most marketers and copywriters make the tragic mistake of assuming they have to inject “power words” and hypnotic commands into their copy to make their prospects buy. The truth is this: great copy uses little-known psychological triggers to lather up the prospect and get them to desire your product or service so they have no choice but to buy. Price: $1997

This program consists of three parts

  • SORCERY – The 7 Mind-Control Triggers You Can Pull At Any Time To Make Money At Will. You’re going to discover seven triggers that, once fired off, allow you to take control of your prospect’s mind. You’ll learn the power behind them and how to apply them for astonishing results.
  • SECRETS – A Master Class With John Carlton And Dan Kennedy On How To Create Irresistible Messages For Any Business. Dan Kennedy goes over, in detail, the 15 elements that appear in ALL great marketing, regardless of whether it is used online or offl And John Carlton teaches an advanced class on creating marketing messages that sell, including how to create a masterful USP that resonates with your target market.
  • THE SYSTEM. The System toolkit gives you paint-by-numbers copywriting formulas for both online and offline marketing materials, headline swipe les, opening paragraph swipe files, fill-in-the-blank bullet points, sub-head swipe files, guarantee swipe files, segue swipe files, P.S. swipe files … and more.

Price: $1997

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Information Marketing Mastermind and Coaching Groups
The Platinum Mastermind Group
The Ultimate Mastermind and Elite Training Program for Info-Marketers

Led By: Darcy Juarez
Start Date: Every January

The Ultimate Mastermind and Elite Training Program for Info-Marketers

The Platinum Coaching Group is for rising information marketers and presents a great opportunity to get direct, hands-on help in taking your info-marketing business to new heights, at faster pace of progress. This is a small group, mastermind setting, and is through application only. Members will start every January.

This is the most complete and powerful program, appropriate for both “beginner” and “intermediate” info-marketers; those with other core businesses and info-businesses begun and developing, for the “kitchen table operator” with established revenue ready to move up to 6-figures and a more sophisticated business and for full-time info-biz operators with 6-figure incomes eager to do more, expand, grow and mature their companies.

PLATINUM offers an unmatched collection of business growth and success resources, training, networking, mastermind work and support.

There is a simple and obvious AND DRAMATIC multiplier effect. A room full of smart and progressive people within a field sharing and exchanging information drawn from their marketing tests, successes and flops, solving of problems, finding vendors, etc. is a 14X against your own experience. This is a way to purchase speed.

There is a unique efficiency. Seven days of focus spaced during the year, out and away from your regular day to day activities, away from interruptions and disruption, work “on not in” the business in an idea-charged, experience-rich environment can produce more clarity and actionable strategy than what might come from sixty days of normal activity.

Finally, there is internal competition. In a group like this, no one wants to be the laggard. Everybody wants to be THE biggest dog of the big dogs. That’s good – it stimulates everybody to do more, to implement more, to get smarter and to bring more.

The Titanium Mastermind Group
The Ultimate Mastermind for Advanced Info-Marketers

Led By: Dan Kennedy
By Invitation Only
Start Date: Every January

The Titanium Coaching group is our highest level mastermind group, specifically for information-marketers. New members must be generating a minimum of $1-Million from info-marketing (although it can be a side, 2nd or 3rd business). Members are expected to have a multi-faceted info-business thus able to give value not just take and be running a legitimate business. Titanium coaching is only available through invitation

“No one who has ever been in a mastermind setting with me has failed to profit directly from the “spontaneous combustion” – their gains emerging as often or more often during discussions of others businesses as during discussions of their own. I have been leading these kinds of “work groups” for more than 20 years, with info-marketers, with “mixed breed” business owners, and in different niches. Titanium is THE ONLY mastermind group for info-marketers that I’ll be running, and I will be leading all three meetings. And I do not blush when I say that you can not find a better qualified and capable leader for a mastermind group for successful info-marketers. I’ll also say, loosely formed, less formal, leaderless groups are NEVER a tenth as productive as mine. To think you can just pile wood in the room is fallacious. Somebody who knows what they’re doing needs to rub the sticks together.” — Dan Kennedy

Titanium coaching is only available through invitation.