The Underground Secret Society of Information Marketers that You Should Be Eager to Join

The fact is, there is this “underground” where people convert their business experience, their success knowledge, their personal interests and passions, even their philosophies into their choice of nice 6-figure “kitchen table” businesses to bigger, more complex million and multi-million dollar businesses. Some of these business are full-time ventures, some are part-time. You will meet many of these at our Annual Gathering – The Information Marketing Summit that takes place every Fall.

What is important for you to understand is that this not fantasy, it’s not something that only weird and exceptionally gifted people can pull off, and it’s not the fool’s gold. It’s not overly complicated.

Info-marketing businesses have a real, legitimate, repetitively proven formula with dozens of proven blueprints, known success factors and requirements, predictable economics and economic formulas created by, refined by and perfected by Dan Kennedy and continually updated by GKIC and its members.

ANYONE can use this formula and these blueprints to build a successful info-marketing business. Our training, the A-Z Info-Marketing Blueprint, is available for current members of the Information Marketing Association.

And there is no reason that you can’t or shouldn’t add a lucrative and enjoyable info-business to YOUR life …

There has never been a greater, more diverse, more lucrative opportunity for everyone – both experienced, successful entrepreneurs, and new wanna-be entrepreneurs in the field of information marketing.

This is how Dan Kennedy, our founder, started 40+ years ago …

“It all started with “The Little Gold Book of Mail-Order Secrets” in 1973… I ran an ad, got checks in the mail (lot’s of checks), and I was hooked. I was a kid, graduating high school, with a family just this side of poverty. It took a little while to get from that first experience to something resembling a business, consistently making money, with some detours along the way. But like a vampire taking blood for the first time, I knew what I wanted to do: trade ideas and the written word for money – preferably a fortune.

With most of the obstacles, barriers and difficulties gone, Dan Kennedy has turned his life lessons into the Information Marketing Formula and made famous the business building blueprints that he has provided for members to start and grow profitable info-marketing businesses.

Now you can benefit from those lessons and easily use all that you can access through the Information Marketing Association to start and grow your own profitable info-marketing businesses.

Start right now by downloading the blueprint for your business below …

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